When you’re struggling to stick to those unwisely ambitious New Year’s fitness goals you set yourself for 2020, going it alone is risky. In fact, the more the experts check into it, the better your chances look when you’ve got a gym buddy watching your back (or quads, if it’s leg day). We’re not just talking about fitness experts, either. Being out of shape is costing the global economy tens of billions of pounds a year though things like lost work days caused by illness and injuries. People who work out with a partner are not only more likely to stick to the programme, but they get more out of their routines as well. Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Higher morale: working out alone can be unrewarding or even flat-out depressing. Having a mate around turns it into a much healthier, more social experience. On a purely chemical level you’re boosting your oxytocin levels, which pumps up your mood and fights depression.
  • Boosted performance: people who exercise together tend to get fitter faster than those who go it alone. You’ve got a little healthy competition to draw inspiration from, plus the encouragement of a friend cheering you on. You’re also less likely to get yourself hurt with someone checking your form.
  • A healthier brain: mental health means more than reducing stress or tackling anxiety. Studies keep on showing that the more social your day-to-day life is, the better you do at staving off dementia later in life.

Science tells us that physical fitness is the key to a happier, healthier life - but there’s a key social aspect at work, too. Back in 2002, a study of close to 30,000 men reported that those without any significant social life were almost 20% more likely to die inside 10 years, no matter what they did for a living.

To celebrate the benefits of a good, old-fashioned bromance, RIFT is running an all-new prize draw for February 2020. The prize is a full £200 of Amazon vouchers EACH for you and the mate you refer to us. To qualify, all they have to do is claim their tax refund with RIFT – so get your referrals in by the end of February for your shot at winning.

Of course, this prize draw is on top of all the benefits you get from referring your mates to RIFT for their tax refund claims. You can see a full run-down of the scheme here, but for a quick reminder:

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So, what would you and your gym buddy grab for yourselves on a £200 Amazon spending spree? A new Fitbit, maybe, or some high-end home gym equipment? Either way, having a fitness friend is good for your health, your wealth and your state of mind - so keep your eyes on the prize, get those referrals and come to RIFT with all your tax problems, worries and questions.

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