The greatest heroes have always been enigmas – shadowy figures clothed in myth, mystery and affordable beach footwear. While their true names are spoken only in darkened backrooms and awed whispers, their deeds speak louder than any words. Admirers and enemies alike know them only by their aliases, the noms de guerre they employ to protect those close to them. We know them as Billy the Kid, The Stig, Banksy.

Now a new hero joins their ranks, a man with one foot in each of two very different worlds. They call him Flip-flop Man – champion of claimants, terror of taxmen and spurner of sandals.

There are so many questions still unanswered about RIFT’s very own international man of mystery. Where is he from? Where does he work? Is he even just one man? What about “Scuba Steve” and “Creepy Sox Guy”? Are they allies, enemies or alternate identities designed to throw pursuers off his trail?

Eagle-eyed RIFT customers are already in hot pursuit of the truth, and the legend. What does it mean when Flip-flop Man swaps feet, they ask in our comments sections? Is this really him, they say, trying to track his movements as they share videos of sightings in the wild. What is he trying to tell us? What’s next – a clown shoe?

Where Will Flip-Flop Man Turn Up Next?

We've a competition running on our Facebook page. Tell us where you think he'll turn up next, it could be absolutely anywhere, no matter how random.  The person with the best guess will get a £10 Greggs voucher. Get your guess in before 5pm Monday 19th October. The winner will be contacted via Facebook. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Ever secretive, Flip-flop Man leaves the answers to your imagination for now. Instead, he offers an even deeper mystery: why is over £300 million in unclaimed tax rebates still being left in HMRC’s pockets each year?

Hear Flip-flop Man’s call, join the fight and claim back what’s yours with RIFT.

Guess who’s back, back again? Flip-flop’s back, tell a friend

When you help spread the word about tax refunds with RIFT, we pay it back with cash rewards and prize draw entries. Right now, with our RIFT Double Acts event, you stand to win £1,000 each for you and the mate you referred to us. You can find out more here.

We may never know the true identity of Flip-flop Man. We’ll always know he’s out there, fighting the good fight to keep British workers claiming their tax refunds and enjoying the rewards. Stuff your mates’ stockings with our Refer a Friend scheme and let’s make sure more people than ever hear the magical sound of flip-flops on rooftops this Christmas...

RIFT are the UK's leading tax rebate and tax return experts.  If you want to know if you could be owed tax back, check out our free tax refund calculator for an instant estimate of how much you could be owed from HMRC.