Set a budget and stick to it. That’s the basic message at RIFT for almost any kind of money problem, and it’s never truer or more important than around school holidays. With Easter seeming to be a bigger deal every year, here are a few quick RIFT tips for getting through it without dropping your finances down the rabbit-hole.

Free Easter Egg Hunts

With a choice of over 250 events to pick from, the National Trust Cadbury’s Easter Egg Hunts are a great way to pile on the Easter cheer without shelling out a lot of cash. The events themselves are free all across the UK, although the venues may still charge their standard entry fees. Just slot your postcode into the form on the official website to find your nearest hunts.

Getting Crafty

Kids love getting their hands sticky – all the more when they’re making something arty. Getting the family together and focused is a terrific way to make the Easter holiday a little more special. Sure, painting eggs is traditional and fun – but that’s just the start of it. For families with a little more artistic ambition, you can find tutorials online for all sorts of creative projects. Here are just a few examples:

Coming Out of your Shell

If your family fancies getting out and about over Easter, there are loads of events and activities up and down the country to consider. From meeting Bobtail Bunny and friends at Paultons Park to the 4-in-1 attractions at Folly Farm, there’s something to suit any age and budget. If you’re looking to get away for a few days, then sites like can offer a range of cut-rate, short-notice breaks and flights all over the world.

As always, the key is to know what you can afford and plan accordingly. Of course, that planning gets a lot easier with a healthy tax refund from HMRC. Loads of RIFT customers tell us that they splash their yearly refunds on trips and treats for the family, so why not join them? Easter’s about indulging yourself and your loved ones a bit, and there’s no reason at all to let HMRC get fat on your overpaid tax. We’re the UK’s leading experts at keeping the taxman honest, so talk to RIFT about bulking up your holiday budgets.