If there’s one thing the British would rather eat their own eyeballs than do, it’s talk about money with our mates. We don’t like to talk about what we earn or save – and we hate letting the people close to us know when it’s all getting on top of us.

The thing is, it costs money to have a social life with friends. Everything from meals out and rounds of drinks at the pub right up to weddings can suck the life out of your wallet. Even so, a lot of us are having a tough time saying no to our friends. We’re not just talking about the “friendship wage gap” here, where some members of a group of mates earn less than others. Even on a level playing field, you still might not want to splash out – particularly in the run-up to an expensive Christmas.

Be honest

Sometimes, you’ve just got to bite the bullet and let your mates know you can’t spare the cash for that night out. You’re better off doing it early, too, before too many plans have already been made.

If you’re worried about getting a reputation as a spoilsport, don’t be. We all have times when we need to focus our cash and time on important stuff, and any mate worth having will understand that. Chances are, the shoe will be in the other foot one day, and you’ll both be glad you spoke up when you did.

A good friend wouldn't want to push you into difficulties, but if they don't know your situation they can't take it into account.

Don't get into debt

Whatever you do, though, don’t dig the hole you’re standing in any deeper than it is. Every year, people all over the UK are pushing themselves into debt just because a mate wants an Instagram-worthy wedding or expensive party.

Stay away from the payday loan outfits, and put your money where it’ll do most good. If you think missing a night out will be bad for friendship, that's nothing compared to what blaming a mate for your financial problems down the road will do to it. 

Suggest Alternatives

None of this means you have to give up your social life altogether, either. Instead of dropping out when your mates make plans your wallet can’t handle, pipe up and suggest something more affordable. After all, the point of the exercise is to get together with friends – and you don’t need to drop your finances down a hole to do that.

Chances are, there's probably someone else in the same boat who doesn't quite know how to bring this up, either. Let's face it, you'll have a better time if you aren't all secretly worrying about the money you're spending while having to pretend to enjoy yourself.

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