When a young, aspiring Jedi Knight by the name of Luke Skywalker left his training on Dagobah (which we hope he was claiming his tax refund for) and rushed to Cloud City, he did it because he understood the true value of friendship. His mates were in danger and he knew he could help.

That’s the RIFT spirit right there, and we salute the one-handed wonder for his selflessness and bravery. On top of that, we could get him a decent tax refund for the cost of replacing his dad’s old lightsabre with that fancy new green one.

The 4th of May is special to Star Wars fans for good reason. George Lucas’ celebrated saga is an epic tale of hope and heroism. Most of all, it’s about holding true to your friends when the going gets tough.

At RIFT, we get it. A true friend reaches out a hand when you’re struggling or falling behind. That’s the heart of our Refer a Friend system. When Han Solo risked it all to make the notoriously perilous Kessel Run, did Chewbacca leave him to it? No, he helped him plot the best route and stuck with him every parsec of the way. It’s just such a shame that the Star Wars galaxy doesn’t have a branch of RIFT. If Chewie’d been able to get a message to our office over the HoloNet, they could probably have financed the entire rebellion for years on the back of the tax refund that little trip would have earned them. At the same time, Chewie would have set himself up nicely with some cash rewards and prize draw entries through our Refer a Friend scheme.

As for the Millennium Falcon itself, Chewie could have put quite a few Imperial Credits back in Solo’s Correllian Bloodstriped pockets. While it might look like a beaten-up old YT-1300f light freighter (basically the Ford Transit of starships), it’s had a lot of “special modifications” made over the years in its weapons, deflectors and hyperdrive. All of these modifications were essential for Han’s work, so if he wasn’t claiming his tax back on them he was missing out.

Anyway, the point is that good mates don’t let their friends lose out to the taxman. That’s as true now in the UK as it was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. While the light at the end of the Lothal Hyper Tunnel (look it up, fake nerds) might be in view as far as the pandemic is concerned, a lot of hard-working Brits are still struggling to recover from the damage done during lockdown. Now more than ever, getting back everything the taxman owes you is essential. The trouble is, there are still far too many people who never got the coded transmission from the Tax Refund Rebels. Either they don’t realise that they’re owed back from HMRC, or they assume it’s too hard to make a claim.

Star Wars Day is just a bit of fun, we know. It’s a chance to share our love of something cool and make that “May the 4th” pun as much as we want without shame or retribution. Enjoy the celebrations, refer your mates to us for their tax refund claims and get ready to feel the Financial Force of RIFT Refer a Friend!​