The 26th of August is officially National Burger Day! Yes, really – and we at RIFT couldn’t be more excited about it! Whether you’re grilling out in the summer heat with friends and family or sneaking into Burger King for a cheeky lunchtime Whopper with workmates, there’s nothing like the humble hamburger when you need some quick comfort food.

With the Bank Holiday weekend coming up we know a lot of your will be hoping to get the barbie out for a burger or two. In fact BBQs have become a bit of a national obsession (despite the summer weather this year) with 34 million of us expected to spend £258.3m on them over the summer!

Here's a list of some of our favourite, most bizarre burger facts to share while you're at the grill. How many of these odd little nuggets did you know?:

5) McDonalds tried hard to be fancy

The humble Big Mac is a legitimate classic of modern fast food cuisine. It’s a no-nonsense burger that lets you know exactly what you’re in for. There was a time, however, when McDonalds was pushing hard to sell it as something much “classier”.

If you thought the Royale with Cheese was a little over-fussy, how does the “Blue Ribbon Burger” grab you? That was actually an early name for the Big Mac, which never caught on.

Honestly, it was probably better than their other idea back then, the “Aristocrat”. Both names were flops - and no one wants a floppy burger.

4) It gets worse...

While this is more of a follow-on point than a whole new fact, we feel like it’s worth its own little entry in our list. McDonalds never really gave up on its dreams of going classy with its image. In fact, back in the mid-90s they were pushing up-market with a premium burger called the “Arch Deluxe”.

The idea was to sell more specifically to adults, and they went in hard with a big-budget advertising campaign. Sadly, its high-end combination of quarter pounder, split-top potato flour sesame bun and peppered bacon never caught the public’s imagination the way the classic Big Mac had.

3) Remember “Freedom Fries”? How about “Liberty Sandwiches”?

It turns out that renaming fast food options to paint them in more patriotic colours is nothing new to the United States. Hamburgers have been around for a good long while, and back in World War 1, the name probably felt a little unAmerican to the US government. As a result, they decided to ditch it in favour of the decidedly more patriotic-sounding “Freedom Sandwich”.

Of course, that opens up the whole argument of whether or not a burger counts as a sandwich at all – and, frankly, wars have been fought over less.

2) It’s not all about beef

While the burger that most people plump for will probably always be the traditional “beef patty”, there’s a whole world of other options out there.

Depending on where you look and how adventurous you’re feeling, you could find yourself with almost anything between your buns. We can personally vouch for wild boar, buffalo, venison and even kangaroo– but what about ostrich, zebra or even – gulp – crocodile?

1) Burgers are best with mates – but not everyone agrees

At RIFT, we always like to share – and we really understand the value of a good friend. Back in 2009, though, Burger King was actually trying to get people to trade in their mates for meat patties! Seriously – they ran a campaign offering free Whoppers for every 10 people their customers ditched on Facebook. Those people would then get a message explaining what their friendship was really worth!

It turns out that burgers are, strangely enough, a pretty good measure of value. In fact, they’re actually sometimes used as a measure of the strength of a country’s economy. We’re not making this up. The Economist’s “Big Mac Index” literally measures the purchasing power of a nation by how many of those McDonalds classics could be bought for $50!

So that’s it for our top 5 list of weird burger facts – and we didn’t even mention “Flame”, Burger King’s 2008 meat-scented cologne! Whatever kind of burger you’re biting into this National Burger Day, remember that referring your mates to RIFT puts them in line for an average tax refund of £3,000 for a 4-year claim. That’s 940 Big Macs for all you economists out there!

So don't follow Burger King's example -bring as many friends as you can to us through our Refer a Friend scheme and make sure your mates never miss out on the tax refunds they’re owed. At the same time, you’ll be stacking up cash rewards and prize draw entries for yourself!