On the 15th of June, the UK’s coming together to celebrate Beer Day Britain. Why not join the whole RIFT family in raising a glass and making merry? While you’re bending an elbow in honour of good beer and great mates, you’ll barely have to lift a finger to help your friends their tax refunds with RIFT.

Beer Day Britain came about back in 2015, when award-winning beer sommelier Jane Peyton set out to boost appreciation of Britain’s top boozy beverage. Supported by major organisations like Britain’s Beer Alliance and the Society of Independent Brewers, Beer Day Britain celebrates everything from traditional ales and lagers to exclusive craft beers. More to the point, though, it’s about bringing people together.

As for what we’re drinking, obvious brand names like Carling, Heineken and Guinness are still riding high in the UK rankings.  Once you get into the indie brewery scene, though, you start to see the real artistry. A crawl through the nation’s watering holes by The Independent late last year picked out a few regional favourites you might consider chancing an arm on:

  • The South East
    Anspach & Hodbay’s The Porter: a rich brew with hints of coffee and chocolate.
  • The South West
    Cheddar Ales’ Potholer: a refreshing, zesty golden ale.
  • The Midlands
    Buxton Brewery’s Axe Edge: a fruity IPA that proves there’s more to drink in Buxton than bottled water.
  • Yorkshire
    Ilkley Brewery’s Mary Jane: a gentle session pale ale ideal for leisurely festival drinking.

When you refer your mates to RIFT for their tax refund claims, you’re doing more than just raising a glass to your drinking buddies – you’re raising the whole bar for friendship.

With the lockdown easing by agonising increments, we’ve all spent too long cut off from friends and family. Now that things are starting to stagger back toward normality, we’re all getting excited to reconnect. Of course, that can be a challenge with so many of us still reeling from the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, perhaps more than ever, it’s essential to make sure your mates aren’t leaving their beer money in the taxman’s hands.

RIFT’s Refer A Friend Scheme puts thousands back in your friend’s pockets – and earns cash rewards and prize draw entries for you. There are no half-measures with Refer A Friend, so read up on the scheme here – and get those referrals in, because the next round’s on RIFT!