British Pie Week really only dates back as far as 2007, but the pastry-packaged perfection it celebrates has been with us a whole lot longer. Pie recipes have been found in mediaeval British artworks and etched into 8,000 year-old Egyptian tablets! So, when we celebrate British Pie Week from the 1st to the 7th of March this year, we’re taking part in a grand and historical tradition. We’re also stuffing our pie-holes with some of the UK’s favourite food choices.

While the science of pie-making is always advancing, fancy modern inventions like “banoffee” technology haven’t even cracked the crust of the UK’s love of traditional fillings. We can argue for hours over whether key lime flans or shepherd’s pies are even “pies” at all, but year on year we keep coming back to a few top favourites. Chicken and mushroom, for instance, consistently tops the charts for the savoury crowd. Sweet pie fans, meanwhile, rate apple as their number 1 choice.

Pies have found a place in the hearts, minds and stomachs of food lovers all over the country. Three quarters of us eat one at least once a month, making the pie industry worth well over a billion pounds per year! In 2016 Wigan scientists sent a meat and potato pie 20 miles up on a weather balloon – just because they could! How’s that for “pie in the sky”?

So yes, we’re pretty excited about British Pie Week right now – and you should be too. After all, yearly food costs are responsible for as much as 25% of most people’s tax refund pay-outs. That’s around £500 of refund cash you should be claiming.

It’s not just you, either. Would you consider buying a pie for a workmate who was a bit short on cash and skipping lunch? Of course you would! That’s just called being a good friend. But what if you could get him the equivalent of an entire year’s work of lunchtime pies – at no cost to yourself? That’s what you’d be doing by recommending him to RIFT to claim back the tax he’s owed on his food costs. Of course, on top of that, your mates should be claiming for work travel, upkeep of tools, equipment or uniforms and a whole range of other essential costs.

Referring your mates to RIFT Tax Refunds is easy, and it really can make a serious difference to their finances and lives. At the same time, you’ll be lining up cash rewards and regular prize entries for yourself with our Refer a Friend scheme. There’s no upper limit to what you can earn through Refer a Friend, and you could be putting food on the table for your workmates at the same time.

So many of us have been struggling to earn our crust during the pandemic. While you’re filling your pie-hole during British Pie Week, think about helping your mates to fill their wallets with the tax refunds they’re owed.

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