With Aquaman about to surface in his first-ever big screen solo outing, RIFT took a moment to look at his tax situation. We’ve got loads of experience dealing with refunds and returns for offshore workers and seafarers, so picture this:

Arthur Curry, AKA Aquaman, runs aground at the RIFT offices, clutching a fistful of waterlogged expenses paperwork. Naturally, we invite him in for a chat about his finances – which he insists on calling “fin-ances”. Apparently, this is hilarious if you’re half fish.

RIFT: Good morning, Mr. Curry. Delighted you could make it.


RIFT: Yes, quite. So, I understand you do a lot of work offshore. Does your employer handle all your travel expenses for you, or are you paying yourself?

AC: We hadn’t really talked about it much. I mostly either swim everywhere or just grab onto some dude who’s flying in the right direction.

RIFT: Riiiight… okay, so you’re pretty much on your own, then. That’s great, since any travel you’re doing to temporary workplaces can count toward your tax refund. What about food and accommodation? Is your employer paying for that?

AC: Yeah. Dude’s a billionaire. I mostly crash in his basement-cave thing.

RIFT: Okay, so that’s all taken care of. How about your other expenses, though? Any specialised clothing or equipment I should know about? That’s a rather splendid trident, for example.

AC: Yeah, I never really had to replace it, though. Thing’s basically indestructible.

RIFT: Fair enough. And your, um… uniform?

AC: Well, I do spend a lot of time in the ocean. It can get pretty filthy down there. There was this huge squid one time…

RIFT: I can imagine you’ve got quite the laundry bill, yes. Well, you should keep your receipts for that, because it all adds up. Now – about this “League” you’re in. Does that involve any subscription fees at all?

AC: Not really. I’ve been thinking of striking out on my own, anyway. The whole “team” thing wasn’t working out so well.

RIFT: Ah – if you’re thinking of setting up a Limited Company, we can definitely help you there. Meanwhile, though, we should look into whether you qualify for Seafarer’s Earnings Deduction. If you end up running your own business, it’ll make a difference when deciding on the best way to pay yourself. It’s really just for people who spend most of their time on a ship, though.

AC: Do underwater cities count?

RIFT: I suspect you’d have a hard time convincing the taxman of that. You’ll have to be sure of your employment status for IR35, too. Don’t worry, though. We’ll make sure it’s all sorted out for you. Now – it says here that you’ve got dual nationality?

AC: I’m half Atlantean, half Surface Dweller.

RIFT: “Surface Dweller”? That’s a little… vague.

AC: We call you the Dry Folk.

RIFT: Yes, we’re accountants. We get that a lot. You’ll probably need to take a residency test to clarify your tax status. I wonder if there are any Double Taxation agreements with Atlantis…

You wouldn’t expect there to be much call for a crimefighter under the sea, but it’s pretty clear that Arthur keeps himself busy. Whether you’re battling Black Manta for the fate of Atlantis or working as a toolpusher on an oil rig, talk to RIFT about your yearly tax refund. Our offshore rebate specialists are the best in the business – and when the tax waters get stormy, it pays to have an accountant who knows a mermaid from a manatee.