If you're one of RIFT's many clients putting their refunds toward a family getaway, you know all about getting the most from your travel. The miles you put behind you for work are the basis of most yearly tax refunds, but your leisure travel's where it all pays off.

While you're stuffing your suitcases this year, remember to pack your phone with software that'll help make the most of your holiday. Here are a few of our favourite travel apps.

Google Now

One of the biggest names on the internet, Google really does have an answer for everything. The Google Now app is the next best thing to dragging your own personal assistant along with you. Whatever information you need, just say the magic words, “Okay, Google” and let your phone do the digital legwork for you.

Google Maps

While we're on the subject, Google's navigation app can be a literal lifesaver when you're on foreign soil. Remember to download the maps you're most likely to need before you go, in case you can't get online when it counts.

Google Translate

Completing the Google trilogy, it's time to get into proper sci-fi territory now. This app has written and spoken translation in pretty much any language you'll ever need. You can even take a picture and have the app interpret the text in it. What a time to be alive!


There's no real secret to finding good deals on air fares. Mostly, it comes down to patience, time and determination. If you're running short on one or more of those, Skyscanner can comb through the available fares in a heartbeat. Just tell it what you're after and watch it go to work.


For sheer convenience, Uber is tough to beat. Real-time updates on where your driver is are a really nice feature. More importantly, you can get where you're going without the hassle of navigating an unfamiliar public transport system.


Foursquare's great for when you know what you want to do, but not where you want to do it. Looking for somewhere good to grab a meal? No problem. Local landmarks and attractions? They're right at your fingertips – and a lot more besides.


Dealing with foreign money can be a real headache sometimes. Any time you reach into your pocket abroad, it always pays to know what you're shelling out in real terms.


Don't fancy the local hotel rates? Airbnb is a great way to give yourself options. 34,000 cities are covered, meaning there's a good chance of finding something decent when it matters.


If you've claimed a refund through RIFT, then you're used to keeping track of what you're spending. Soulver makes this easy to do while you're out and about. It's basically a calculator that lets you use words as well as numbers to record what you're spending your cash on.

It's tough to relax on a well-earned holiday when you're stressing about all those little details and costs. Luckily, the little computers we all carry with us these days can do a lot to take the pressure off. Enjoy your holiday travel, and talk to RIFT when you're ready to start stacking up the miles for next year's HMRC tax refund.

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