RIFT Claims £3.5m in Tax Refunds For Customers In Just 6 Weeks

It's not often we blow our own trumpet here at RIFT Refunds - seeing our customers smile when they get their refunds back is its own reward - but we're so so proud of what we've done for our customers since the start of the tax year on the 6th April that we think a little celebration might be in order.

Time Is Money: Why Waste It?

You've probably heard some of the horror stories already. The taxman's blunders have left over 3 million of us paying the wrong amount. Call waiting times have tripled while HMRC staff numbers get cut to the bone and beyond.

With more people than ever handling their own taxes, it's easy to feel like someone's asleep at the wheel at HMRC. Things have always been busy over there, particularly around the start of the tax year.

Getting left hanging on a phone line is a nightmare when you've got tax troubles. Last year, well over 4 million of us gave up even trying to get through. That's over 4 million unanswered questions, unsolved problems and people left in the lurch!

Okay - deep breath. Let your blood pressure settle.

It's a bad situation, but we're here to fix it. In fact, that's exactly why RIFT Refunds was set up in the first place!

RIFT Does It By The Numbers

At RIFT, we're taking the guesswork, stress and struggle out of dealing with HMRC. Yes, we'll sit on their phone lines for you, but we go much further than that. We work overtime (yes, actual overtime) to make sure you get your taxes sorted and your refunds paid with no delays.

Most customers never actually see everything we do for them. That’s intentional – we say “Tax Refunds made easy” and we mean it! We protect you from the stress and hassle, but here's just a taste of what we’ve done for our customers since the start of the tax year in April:

  • £3,767,879.39 the total already claimed back in refunds for our clients from HMRC. When you think this is only in the last few weeks it really brings home how many people are missing money that belongs to them.
  • £144,449 in client refunds protected by the RIFT Guarantee! These claims were flagged by HMRC for investigation (there’s always a chance of getting selected for a random spot check) but we fought for our clients and every refund was upheld and the money stayed in their pockets – where it belongs. Remember, our RIFT Guarantee keeps you protected against the taxman's mistakes. You'll never have to worry about him demanding your refund back.
  • 55% of people who’ve claimed refunds with us in the past have already got back in touch with us in the few weeks since 6th April.

RIFT customers are on the ball and being ready for the end of the tax year means that many already have their tax refunds and returns for the 2015-16 tax year back in their pocket.

Do I Qualify For A Refund?

  • 40,000 customer calls. We've extended our call centre opening hours to make sure nobody gets left hanging. Thanks to our great team volunteering for overtime to make sure we can help everyone who needs it.
  • 20 seconds. The longest you should have to wait before your phone call is answered.
  • 2.5 minutes is the average time it takes us to sort out a problem by phone.
  • 20 minutes the time it takes to capture all the information needed for your tax refund if you call in and use our Forms By Phone service.
  • 20,000 of you interacted with us over Facebook with your questions, comments and, even better, recommendations to friends and family to join us.
  • 500 the number of people per month who use Facebook private messaging as the primary means of using our services. If you send us a private message through Facebook, we'll get back to you in 10 minutes on average.
  • 1600 Livechat conversations we had with you on our website so you can talk to a real human being quickly and easily when you might not be able to make a call.
  • 5000 inbound emails with your details and documents needed to prepare your refunds.

In fact so many of you want to get in touch using social media that we’ve even set up a dedicated digital customer service response team to help you online.

  • 2,000 people have started using  our new MyRIFT for the first time this year. We've launched MyRIFT in April to make it easier to manage claims online all year round and not have to do everything in one go at the end of the year. With it, you can record your expenses, track your refund claims and do a lot more besides.
  • 10-15 minutes is the average time it takes to get all the info needed for your rebate the first time you log in into your MYRIFT account. To get the best from it, make sure you've got your information to hand before you start.
  • 7,400 calls to make sure our clients are on the right tax code. If you’re worried you're paying the wrong amount of tax then we’ll take care of it with HMRC for you.
  • 25,147 pieces of post have been opened and processed including  refund and return forms, HMRC letters and customer documents such as wage slips, receipts and other evidence to prove that tax rebates are due.

Here's What You're Saying About Us

“ Last year you were awesome to deal with, this year you excelled yourself. Looking forward to what you can do for me next year!”

“ A great service – always very helpful.”

“A fast response – fully understanding of my requirements and actioned my request immediately.”

“As a family, we’ve been struggling to keep our heads above water. You have had an impact on our lives – thank you so much.”

Don't let the taxman blunder his way out of paying your refund. Get in touch with RIFT, and let's put that cash back in your pocket.

Get in touch for any help you need with self assessment tax returns or tax refunds by calling 01233 62864, we're here to help.