What's in my RIFT Tax Refunds pack?

A RIFT Tax Refunds pack is a fast, simple way of putting together the information for a tax refund claim. We use it to calculate how much you're owed and to form the basis of your claim. All the forms you need are here:

Tax Refunds Claims Form - Tick a few boxes and fill in some blanks for us, and you're well on your way to getting your money.

Tax Refunds Cover Letter & Checklist - An overview of the details we need and a simple checklist to help you.

Rapid Refunds T&Cs - This is the letter you must sign and return to us to accept the Rapid Refunds terms & conditions

Your tax refund forms pack is one of the easiest ways to get your overpaid tax back from HMRC. Tick a few boxes and fill in some blanks for us and you're well on your way to getting your money.

How do I use the pack?

Once you have printed and signed your forms you need to send the forms back to us by post as quickly as you can to get your refund claim underway. We know this seems a little bit old fashioned now, but it’s a legal requirement that we have a physical copy of the signed form. All you have to do is write Freepost RIFT on any envelope, put the documents inside and pop it in the first post box you see. It'll be sent to us at no cost to you. After that, we start looking at the expenses you can claim for and the documents you need.

If you are using the RIFT Rapid Refund service meaning we at RIFT pay your refund to you within 24 hours of submitting your claim to HMRC, then there will be some additional forms that you will need to fill in beyond the forms on this page. Find out more about our Rapid Refund service and how it can benefit you.

If we need any more information, we'll get in touch as soon as possible to avoid delay.

Where do I send it?

You should send your completed tax refunds pack straight to us at RIFT, either by writing Freepost RIFT on any envelope (it'll be sent to us at no cost to you) or you can pay for the necessary postage and send it to us at:

RIFT Ltd, RIFT House, 200 Eureka Park, Upper Pemberton, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4AZ

If you're already a RIFT client and want to get things moving a little faster, you can use the MyRIFT online tool.

Not a client already?

No problem! You can still get your claim rolling by signing up online. We'll let you know if you are due a tax rebate and take you through the process. It's all very quick and simple, and we do all the work.