Tax refunds for professional sports

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Tax refunds for professional sports

Can Athletes and Sport Professionals Claim Tax Refunds?

Professionals in sport can claim a "sports player tax refund" on their expenses. Often, that means travel costs, but other expenses are allowed. An average 4-year refund claimed through RIFT comes to £2,500. 

Do I Qualify For A Sports Tax Refund?

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If you're a RIFT customer already and you've had your yearly reminder that it's time to start your 2015/16 claim, visit myRIFT to fill in your information for your claim.

What Kinds of Expenses Can I Claim For?

Here's what you can get professional sports tax relief on:

  • Travel to training grounds.
  • Travel to away games.
  • Travel to reserve games.
  • Travel to home matches (if on loan).
  • Travel for medical treatment.
  • Kit and laundry costs.
  • Food and accommodation while travelling.

Are you a professional sports player or athlete? Do you drive your own vehicle as part of your job? If so, there's a strong chance you've overpaid your tax and you could be due a tax rebate.

Don’t worry about having to fill in a complicated tax return. We know how much time and energy you pour into your sport, so leave the financial legwork to us. We'll complete a professional sports tax return on your behalf.

I Haven't Claimed in Previous Years. Have I Missed My Shot?

If it turns out the taxman's owed you money for a while, you can still get up to the last four years' worth back. This means your first claim could be more than £2,500! There's no reason to let HMRC hold onto money that should be in your pocket, so contact RIFT Refunds.

What If I Don't Have a Qualifying Claim? Will I Waste Money by Checking If I've Overpaid?

It costs nothing to find out if you've overpaid, so there's nothing to lose by asking. If you're owed cash, we'll chase HMRC for it at no cost to you until it’s paid. We don't charge our fee until you get your money back.

How Can I Make Sure I Stay Out of Trouble with HMRC?

The HMRC rules around tax refunds are complicated, but we’re experts in what you can and can’t claim for. We'll always make sure you get back everything you're owed, without falling foul of HMRC.

What would you do with £2,500?

If you’re eligible for an athlete tax rebate, you can claim back for the last four years. This means your first claim could be more than £2,500. Don’t let the taxman hold onto money that could be in your back pocket. We’ll take you through the professional sports returns process and keep you up to date. We’ll also chase your money with HMRC so you get it back as quickly as possible. There are no upfront costs with our sports tax returns so you’ve got nothing to lose. We only charge a fee when you get your money back.

What does a RIFT Tax Refund cost?

Our standard charges are:

  • Tax Refund if you're employed under PAYE: 28% of Refund claimed + VAT
  • Tax Refund with Tax Return for Self Employed (including CIS): £245 + VAT

We take the hassle out of tax, making sure that you get back all the money you’re owed. Have a look at our full list of options and fees. It costs nothing to find out if you have a claim

What Do I have to Do to Make a Claim?

Making a claim is easy. All you need to do is get in touch with RIFT Refunds. We're the experts in claiming tax rebates for sport professionals and athletes. We'll check if you qualify, fight your corner with HMRC and tackle the taxman until you've been paid.

Just click here the button below to give us some basic information to get the ball rolling.

Alternatively, give us a call and we'll  kick off straight away. We handle professional sports tax returns every day, and reclaiming your money from the HMRC is our very own Beautiful Game.

Why choose RIFT?

Professional sports tax reliefs are a complex area, but we know the rules inside out so you can be sure your claim's legit. We've been claiming sports tax relief since 1999 so you can rest assured, we're the best in the game.

  • Contact us for your free assessment.
  • We never claim for tax refunds that you’re not entitled to.
  • With the RIFT Guarantee, you can be sure that your athlete tax rebate will be 100% yours to keep.
  • There’s nothing to pay upfront, you only pay our fee once your tax refund is issued.

We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Start My Tax Refund Claim

To show you how sports professionals’ tax refunds work, here’s an example.  Matt is a RIFT client.  The HMRC rules regarding tax are complicated but we’re experts so know what you can and can’t claim for. We only ever claim for tax refunds you’re owed, so you can be sure that you receive the correct amount. 

Matt is a professional footballer and has played for a number of clubs across the leagues, including Newcastle United, Port Vale, Accrington Stanley and Barrow AFC. He has claimed his travel with RIFT since 2001 and has received a total of £11,409. As well as claiming for travel to away games and temporary training grounds, Matt has also claimed for travel to medical appointments and for his football boots and shin pads that he bought himself. Matt was on loan to Macclesfield Town for four months and received a refund of £631 for this period alone because all loans count as “temporary workplaces” under the HMRC rules.

Frequently asked questions

If you work as a professional athlete and have a question about making a tax refund you can see the most common answers below.

If you want to check anything at all, or talk through your personal circumstances, give us a call on 01233 628648 That's what we're here for.

If you want to check if you have a claim, click the button below and answer a few simple questions.

Do I Qualify For A Tax Refund?

Frequently Asked Questions: Sports Professionals Tax Returns

Can I claim?

If you're a professional sports player and drive your own vehicle or use public transport when you're representing your club, there's a good chance HMRC owes you a tax refund. You can also claim back other expenses such as parking, tolls, boots and trainers. We'll assess all your expenses and include them if they qualify.

We offer a free initial assessment and only charge a fee when you get your money, so there are no upfront costs. You have nothing to lose – no refund, no charge.

How does it work?

When you pay for your own travel to away games, certain training grounds and medical appointments we can claim back the tax you paid when you earned that money. Just tell us where you’ve been, and when, and we’ll work out the cost of your travel. We’ll add any other expenses you may have and fill in the tax forms for you, all you need to do is sign them. We’ll send the forms to HMRC, handle any questions on your behalf and chase them if they don’t pay out in the agreed timescale – it’s all part of our service. Your tax refund is sent to us and we send it straight to you, less our fee.

How quickly can I get my money?

How quickly do you want it? Once we've got all your information, it usually takes about four weeks to put your claim together. We send your claim to HMRC who will take another six to eight weeks on average to pay out.

Or you can upgrade to our RIFT Rapid Refund service, where we fast-track your claim and pay you within 24 hours of completing it. We then wait for HMRC to pay us. Terms and conditions apply.

What information do you need from me?

The most important thing we need from you is which clubs you’ve played for. We also need you to sign three forms for HMRC form that allow us to speak to them on your behalf. To help us work out your claim more quickly, please send us as many items as you can from this checklist. But don’t worry if you’re missing any of these items, we can still make a claim:

  • Copy of your photo ID (driving licence or passport)
  • Proof of address (e.g. utility bill)
  • Wage slips from April 2011 onwards
  • MOT certificate for your vehicle
  • P60 End of Year Certificates from 2011 onwards
  • P11D Expenses and Benefits forms from 2011 onwards, if you have any
  • P45s from 2011 onwards, if you have any
  • Receipts for expenses, if you have them (except fuel)
  • Your contract of employment, if you have one

My club pays some of my travelling expenses, can I still claim?

Usually, yes. The only exception is when your sport club has paid you the full 45p per mile, tax free, for the first 10,000 miles in a year and 25p per mile for anything over that. If they've paid less than that, e.g. 10p per mile, then you can claim the difference.

Can I claim for training?

You may be able to claim for training depending on several factors, including time spent there and the mileage from the home ground.

Can I claim if I only play part time?

As long as you pay tax on your earnings we can look into making a claim for you.

Some of my mates would be interested in this. Should I tell them?

Of course. But call us first so we can give you your unique Refer and Earn number. Give the number to your mates and tell them to quote it when they call. We'll pay you £20 for each one that qualifies for a tax refund.

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