If your employer isn't giving you enough of a mileage allowance, you could be due a HMRC tax rebate on your travel.   RIFT tax refunds are the UK's leading experts at getting your cash back from the taxman.  Check our tax refund calculator to see what you could claim. Alternatively, get your mileage rebate rolling by answering the 4 simple questions here.

You could qualify for a HMRC mileage claim if you're:  

  • Travelling to temporary workplaces, meaning you work at any one site for under 2 years.
  • Travelling as an essential part of your work, such as to visit clients or suppliers.

Remember that not everyone can claim mileage tax relief.  Simply driving to your permanent workplace everyday doesn't qualify, for example. Also, it's not as simple as 'claiming mileage back from HMRC'.  It's the tax you've paid on those travel costs that you're owed back.  Misunderstandings about rules are among the main reasons why people miss out on getting their money back from the taxman. 

Do I Qualify?