MyRIFT: Makes Managing Your Claim Online Easy

MyRIFT is where your tax refund really gets moving. Your MyRIFT account gathers all of your vital information in one place, lets your track your claim and update your travel and expenses all in one place, at any time. It's so easy to get started with MyRIFT, so let's get your RIFT login set up and you on the road to receiving your refund!

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MyRIFT: Tax Refunds As Mobile As You

Existing Customer?

If you've already set up your MyRIFT Account and have your RIFT login, click the button below sign in. You can enter all the information you need to make your claim, upload copies of documents and track the progress of your claim.

Not sure if you've got an account? Give us a quick call on 01233 628648, jump on LiveChat, or drop us an email and we can check for you. If you have, we'll help you get started, if not, we'll get you set up.

If you've claimed with us before but you've used the Refund Pack or Forms by Phone and not created a RIFT login for your MyRIFT account then get in touch and we can get your account created and make it easier for you to claim this year.

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Why use MyRIFT?

MyRIFT saves huge amounts of time and hassle at every stage of the claims process. There are no more wasted hours of rummaging through paperwork drawers, and no trips to the Post Office. Just a few minutes of your day will keep you refund-ready when the new tax year rolls round.

Tracking your travel and expenses as you go means you never miss out on the refund cash you're owed.

Uploading photos of your receipts directly to MyRIFT makes sure the bin man never accidentally walks off with your refund! Wage slips, P60s and other crucial documents can all be uploaded so they can't get lost.

Restore points and daily backups mean it's secure, too. Even if your dog chews your receipts or your tablet falls in the bath, all your information's safe and dry.

HMRC might not make it easy and stress-free to get back the cash they owe you, but your free MyRIFT account does! Get yours set up today!

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Track your claim in the RIFT app

Use the RIFT tax refunds app to track your HMRC tax refund. We'll keep you up to date every time the status of your claim changes and even give you an expected pay out date so you'll down when you're getting your cash.  All you have to do this think about how to spend it!

Just search for 'RIFT Tax Refunds' in the app store.

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MyRIFT: Tax Refunds As Mobile As You

New To MyRIFT?

MyRIFT keeps the whole process of making and tracking your claim simple and straightforward. Your dashboard gives you an instant overview of your claim's progress, so you always know the next step is. You can easily add your expenses, where you've lived and worked, how you travelled, vehicles you've owned and any documents needed by your Personal Tax Specialists as they work on your claim. A click on the ''Personal'' tab will let you quickly add or update personal financial information so that we can get you the maximum refund possible based on your current circumstances, including any benefits you receive, details of additional income, pensions, savings etc and the latest HMRC rules. MyRIFT is designed around the things you told us you wanted to be able to do.  Using MyRIFT means you can: Manage all your tax refund claims online, at home or on the move. Use your mobile, desktop or tablet to log into your account. Check your claim's progress at a glance, day or night. Upload your documents directly to your account. Always be sure that your information's being kept secure and up-to-date.

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For more help you can read our MyRIFT FAQs below.

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Wondering if you can claim a tax refund or need to submit a tax return? Use our online tools to find out if you're owed money by HMRC.

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