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Refer a Friend Prize Draw Winners

We run 4 big prize draws across the year where the prize you could win depends on the number of people you've referred who've completed their claim with us (T&Cs apply). As well as earning £50 for every friend they referred who became a RIFT customer, each of their £50 payments also gave them a chance to win one of our cash prizes.

Take a look at our gallery of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Star prize Refer a Friend winners and what they've won after they cashed in their contacts. To be in with a chance of winning some of these fantastic prizes, just keep referring your friends to us.

They say friendship is its own reward - but here at RIFT we think it shouldn't be its ONLY reward!

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend Winners

Bronze Prize Winners

Jessica Gregory, Construction

“When I got my first refund through from RIFT I straight away text my friends telling them how easy it was to do!”

Gordon Lochrane, Construction

"Since doing my own claim I've referred 4 friends. It's so easy to do and you get paid for it"

Daniel North, Construction

"I intend to tell other friends in similar situations about RIFT as I also get a cash bonus for helping them"

Robert Astin, Construction

“I was referred to RIFT myself 3 years ago so now I just try helping friends out by referring them so they can get the money back they're owed”

Refer a Friend Winners

Silver Prize Winners

Dean Saunders, Construction

“The referral scheme is very good and a worthwhile process and I’ll definitely be referring more of my friends”

Ellis Ashley, MOD

"I began referring my mates originally because of the £50 incentive and RIFT managed to sort my friends tax returns out as well"

Richard Culleton, CIS Construction

“I'm very happy with the service I get from RIFT and I thought my work colleagues could benefit from their services as well, so naturally I referred them to RIFT”

Thomas Lewis, Construction

“I claimed using RIFT last year and will again in 2020 for the new tax year. Really straightforward dealing with them, and the money was a nice surprise. Telling my work mates about them made sense, and winning more through their Refer a Friend prize draw was an added bonus – thank you!”

James Herd, Construction

"It's true I'm a winner, I can't believe it. Refer a Friend is a great idea, you get paid for referring a friend it's that simple"

Refer a Friend Winners

Gold Prize Winners

Lewis Joseph, MOD

“Within a few months I've got nearly £1000 from my refund and referring my friends to RIFT. It's amazing!”

Christopher Birch, MOD (not pictured)

"The Refer a Friend scheme is definitely worthwhile, I managed to get 5 referrals which meant I got given an additional £150 and then ended up winning another £500"

Christopher Cowan, MOD

“I referred a friend because I wanted to help others get some extra money from a tax refund, as well as earn some more myself”

Michael Tolton, Construction

“My work involves visiting multiple sites and I’ve been claiming my travel expenses back using RIFT since 2016. I’ve been really happy with the refunds I’ve had and the service from RIFT, much easier than doing it myself. Happy to refer my friends.”

Ross White, Construction

"Refer a Friend is a great way to make a bit of extra cash and also inform friends about money they could be claiming back"

Refer a Friend Winners

Star Prize Winners

Darren Stanton, Construction

“Winning £1000 pounds is such a great feeling. I've just had a new baby and it's my first anniversary soon so I'll be spending it on them”

Reid Patman, MOD

"I would 100% recommend referring a friend as it shows you do actually win stuff"

Arran Anderton, Construction

“Not only have I won this fantastic prize but my friend has also received a nice sum of money too”


Ben Catten, MOD (not pictured)

"When I heard that I would be receiving over £2000 back in tax from my RIFT claim I started to tell others about RIFT. Quite a few people were very sceptical when I told them all i had to do was answer some questions on the phone then submit my pay statements, they probably would not have contacted RIFT if I hadn’t referred them myself. As a result of me referring them they are getting tax refunds and I’ve got some extra money so I think the referral scheme is a great idea. Not only that but now i’ve won the prize draw and got an extra £1000, I will definitely keep referring people to RIFT."

Richard Nicholl & Alexander Bond, Construction

"Winning £1,000 each before Christmas is amazing, we couldn’t believe it. Thank you RIFT!"

Refer a Friend Winners

Double Acts Prize Winners

Rodger Smith & John O'Neil, Security/Construction

"The process is super quick with excellent customer service and their Refer a Friend scheme is the icing on the cake"

Luke Parr & Joshua Brickell, MOD

"Words can't explain how happy this makes us, knowing we can cover all our Christmas shopping”


Get Rolling on the RIFT Road to Riches

WIN £1k for you AND £1k for a friend

RIFT Double Acts is back by popular demand! Referring someone to RIFT between 1st October to 13th December will earn you an entry into our Star Prize draw when they start their refund claim with us. Our Star Prize has now doubled and you could win £1,000 for you and £1,000 for the mate you referred!

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Enter a few details about your friend below and we'll get in touch to let them know you think they might be due a tax refund. Once we've claimed their refund we'll pay you £50. It's that simple and there's no limit to how many friends you can refer.

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* If you wish to refer more than 10 people at once please contact us on 01233 628648.

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