More chances to win in our first prize draw of 2018...

  • To celebrate the New Year we’re giving everyone a chance to win even more just for referring your friends!
  • How does winning a cash prize between £50 - £500 sound? This is in addition to the £50 you'll still receive each time the friends you refer make a claim with us.
  • Our next 10 winners will be selected at random after the prize draw closes on the 31st of March 2018, so you could be in for a nice little boost before the summer.
  • Find out who were the 10 lucky winners of our 'Winter' Refer a Friend prize draws.

PLUS there's a new STAR prize to win!

Refer a friend before 31st March 2018 to enter our Star Prize draw to win holiday vouchers worth £1,000 (T&Cs apply).

  • Remember, your prize draw entries are on top of your normal Refer a Friend scheme earnings.
  • That means you'll still get your £50 thank-you payment when we submit your friend's claim to HMRC.
  • For every 5 people you refer, you'll also still get your extra £150 bonus!
  • That's £400 for every 5 referrals, plus the chance to win in our seasonal draws!

It's easy to refer your friends using the form below. Good luck!

See full terms and conditions.

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* If you wish to refer more than 10 people at once please contact us on 01233 628648.

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What can I win?

How Do I Enter?

It's easy – in fact, we do it all for you!

There are three levels of prizes available in the draw and what you can win depends on how many people you’ve referred to us that have gone on to use RIFT to claim a tax refund.

On the closing date for each season we will check how many referrals you’ve made and whether you qualify for the Bronze, Silver or Gold prize draw.

You get 1 entry in the draw for your level whenever we submit a claim for someone you referred. Each level has 3 prizes. On top of that, there's an extra star prize that everyone gets an entry for!

We’ll contact all winners by phone and email to congratulate you and find out the best way to send you your prize.

Refer A Friend Star Prize

Everyone's a winner with RIFT

Why Refer your Friends?

RIFT customers have helped their friends get almost £3,000,000 back in their pockets since we launched our new Refer a Friend scheme in 2017!

It's been such a success that we're celebrating by introducing a new quarterly prize draw in recognition of what great mates you all are. Like everything else we do, it's about putting more money back in your pocket and it’s an extra way to say thank you for recommending us.

Our way of saying thank you

So what have we got to celebrate?

What we've seen so far shows that if you've got mates who use RIFT, you've got some of the best mates around!

  • Last year almost 8,000 people learnt they could claim a tax refund through the scheme.
  • 67% of the people who were referred to RIFT in 2017 have already got their refunds.
  • The average claim for each person referred is £1578.
  • Our customers have earned over £165k in referral rewards in the last year.
  • What's more, our top referrer has made himself £900 in payments already by referring 11 friends who’ve all claimed money back and is still going strong!

Our Refer a Friend scheme is our way of thanking you for helping spread the word about tax refunds.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee means you'll never lose a penny​

When you claim your tax refund with RIFT, our unique RIFT Guarantee means that you don't have to worry about the taxman reclaiming any of your money. So long as you give us full and accurate information, if HMRC disagrees with the amount that we’ve claimed and ask for the money back, we’ll pay it. It won’t cost you a penny.

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