With the 2018 FIFA World Cup literally kicking off on the 14th of June, teams from all over the globe will soon be putting tens of thousands of miles under their tyres between them. We talk about travel a lot at RIFT. Getting around for work is probably the main reason why people end up owed tax back from HMRC. With that in mind, we thought we'd take a moment to look at how far players are prepared to go for the Beautiful Game, along with the vehicles they drive.

How far will the teams travel in the World Cup?

When it comes to travelling for work, you've got to go a long way to beat an international football player. In the Group Stages alone, the England team will be travelling a grand total of 4,698 miles. In the taxman's terms, you're looking at £2,114.10 in mileage allowance for their first 3 matches alone!

As for how that compares with some of the other teams, the figures shake out as:

  • Australia: 3,004 miles (£1,351.80)
  • Uruguay: 4,118 miles (£1,853,10)
  • Brazil: 5,622 miles (£2,529.90)
  • Egypt: 7,316 miles (£3,292.20)

Egypt has the farthest to go of any team competing this year. Compare that mammoth journey with Colombia, for example, who have the shortest combined trip at just 1,158 miles. Of course, we're only talking about the raw mileage here. There are loads of other calculations that go into a travel tax refund claim. For one thing, a lot of those journeys will be partly spent in the air, which changes things a lot.

What do footballers drive to work?

Everyone knows that stars love their cars, from the stylish engineering of Raheem Sterling's £136,000 Bentley Bentayga to the classic simplicity of Kyle Walker's Mini Classic. This year's England competitors have been spotted behind the wheels of some of the world's top brands. Here's a quick taste of what a few of them are driving these days.

Raheem Sterling

  • Mercedes G-Class (£150,000)
  • Bentley GTX 700-4 (£500,000)
  • Bentley Bentayga (£136,000)
  • Smart Car (£12,000)

Marcus Rashford

  • Mercedes CLA 45 Coupé (£60,000)
  • Range Rover Urban (£80,000)

Jamie Vardy

  • Bentley Continental GT (£200,000)

Kyle Walker

  • Lamborghini Huracan (£155,000)
  • Mini Classic (£5,000)

Jesse Lingard

  • Rolls Royce Wraith (£250,000)
  • Bentley Continental GT (£200,000)

Still, you don't need to be driving a Lamborghini to Volgograd to get cash back from HMRC each year. What's more, your work journeys are just the start of the costs you can claim for. Every year, the taxman clings onto £millions that ought to be going back into taxpayers' pockets. Don't let your cash add to that pile. Talk to RIFT about handling your tax refund claims the right way and check for free if you're due a refund today.