Subterranean life in the post-apocalyptic world of Metro: Exodus can be unforgiving and brutally short. However, you’re only making it worse if you’re not getting the most from your work travel tax refund. The next time you’re fighting off radioactive rats on your way out to a Dark One hunt, here are a few RIFT tips to keep your belly full and your Bastard carbine stocked with shells.

A lot of people don’t seem to realise that public transport costs can line you up for a yearly tax refunds. In fact, we don’t think they’re even mentioned once by the inhabitants of the nuke-shattered, mutant-infested world of the Metro series. You see what happens if you don’t use RIFT’s Refer a Friend scheme to spread the word about tax refunds? You get Dark Ones – that’s what happens.

Let’s say you’re working in your local mushroom factories, minding your own business. If that’s your regular workplace, then you get nothing back from the taxman. It’s just a normal, everyday commute. However, suppose the mushroom gig’s only temporary. Let’s say you’re working there for a couple of weeks before moving on to a different site. With temporary workplaces (generally places you’re working for under 24 months), things suddenly get interesting form a tax perspective. All that tunnel travel you’re doing suddenly becomes eligible for tax relief. It doesn’t stop there. Your lightly irradiated breakfast on the go can count toward your refund too – along with any equipment or safety gear you’re repairing or replacing from your own pocket.

Travel tax refunds are about the journeys you make for work, rather than to work. Suppose you get caught up in a Stalker mission to the surface. Before you know it, you’re journeying the 8-9km from VDNKh station to Kitai-Gorod before heading out to Polis. Finally, you venture onto the surface to battle mutants in the local library. That’s a complicated, multi-leg journey bristling with complicated, multi-legged creatures. If you’re not recording every mile travelled, you’re missing out – and that’s just the start of it. You’ve got gas masks and ammo levels to maintain, pneumatic crossbows and throwing knives to salvage and maybe even the odd bottle of shroom vodka to choke down. All these costs stack up, and you’d be a fool to face that mutated, hypnotic bio-weapon in the Kremlin without the resources of a fully claimed tax refund behind you.

So, the next time you’re escorting a caravan to the VDNKh Commonwealth or rescuing an infant Dark One from a Hansa train, take a moment to jot down a few notes on your travel expenses. If it turns out down the line that you’re the “Chosen One” destined to help unite humanity and the Dark Ones, you’ll be glad you got into good tax habits when you did.

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