Ask any gym rat and they’ll tell you that working out with a mate is better, more effective and more enjoyable than going it alone. We really believe in the power of partnership at RIFT, and we’re bulking up our new Refer a Friend Star Prize to prove the point.

Get perfect figures on the RIFT RAF plan

Our next Refer a Friend Star Prize winner will be scoring a full £1,000 in holiday vouchers to beat those winter blues, so get those referrals rolling in to pump up your chances of winning big with our Refer a Friend scheme.

Not only is there a nice round thousand up for grabs, but every time you help a friend to swell their wallet with a RIFT tax refund you'll get an extra £50 in yours.

A friend makes all the difference

We’re all trying to be a bit more health conscious these days. It’s tough to stay motivated, though – particularly when the weather’s cold. That’s one of the key benefits of partnering up with a mate when you work out. Research clearly shows that people who exercise together stick to their routines more reliably and work more solidly toward their goals. Of course, picking the right partner’s an important first step. Bad habits tend to rub off on people just as easily as good ones

The right workout buddy doesn’t even need to be the most committed gym rat, either. In fact, you’re probably better off not picking someone whose idea of motivation is to scream in your face while they’re supposed to be keeping you focused. A little competition is healthy, sure, but you should probably team up with someone who’s at the same basic fitness level as you and has the same kinds of goals. Getting “hyoooge” whatever the cost might be important for some people, but if you’re looking at more realistic, useful overall fitness objectives you’ll do better with a more balanced routine and a less unbalanced partner. That’s why, ideally, you’ll want someone who can keep pace with you so you can test each other’s limits as you both progress.

There’s definitely a safety angle to consider with tough workouts. If you’re into lifting weights, a reliable spotter can make all the difference in the world. Loading up those barbells won’t do you much good if you tear a pectoral and spill them all over the floor. A good mate will always jump in to share the load when you’re in trouble – and that’s as true in the gym as in every other aspect of life. Alert workout buddies will notice if your form’s off or you’re working yourself into an injury. Better to live to lift another day than to lose months to rehab a torn rotator cuff.

When a friend saves the day

Still not convinced? Here are just a few real-world examples of workout buddies saving the day, drawn from the RIFT offices. True gym friends will always:

  • Step in to make the save when a pull-up assist band unexpectedly catapults you backward or slips off your foot and snaps up toward your groin.
  • Protect you from “wardrobe malfunctions” when your shorts suddenly go south during a military press.
  • Cover for you when you break wind explosively during an ambitious squat set.

If that's not a friend with benefits, we don't know what is!

Get your finances in shape for the New Year

Wherever you work out, and whoever you do it with, team-ups are the best way to hit your goals. That goes for finances as well as fitness, so start referring your mates to RIFT for cash rewards and your entry to our next Star Prize draw. With £1,000 in holiday vouchers up for grabs right now, there’s never been a better time to set your mates up for a tax refund.

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