Join us on the RIFT Tax Refunds blog for the best advice about everything to do with claiming tax refunds and dealing with HMRC. If you've got questions,  Whether you're self employed, MODPAYE or in the CIS - construction industry scheme - we've got the answers.

We're the UK’s leading tax refund experts with over 15 years expertise and we've  reclaimed over £110 million on behalf of more than 44,000 workers, including the specialist construction,oil and gas, sports and healthcare industries and the armed forces,

We claim back an average first tax refund of around £2,500 for our clients, and you can read some of their stories on this blog, but hundreds of millions that should be back in people's pockets are sitting unclaimed each year.

THe RIFT Tax Refunds blog is the place to come to find out how to get back what you're owed, some interesting ideas on what to do with it and the latest updates on you need to know about tax rules and news from HMRC.

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